Saturday, 27 February 2010

An unlikely prophet

This image of Vassula sitting on a wall on Patmos during the 2007 TLIG pilgrimage is one of my favourite photos of her. It is because she looks such an unlikely prophet!

But I'm sure that is just one of the reasons God chose her. I believe history will show her to be the greatest prophet of our age.

To quote Archbishop Frane Franic: "Therefore, I unite myself to all those Catholic bishops and theologians that defend the authenticity and sincere veracity of Vassula Ryden, seer and mystic, one of the greatest of our times" (see the Archbishop's full testimony further down this page)

Vassula Ryden is Greek, born in Egypt and belongs to the Greek Orthodox Church. In 1985, while living in Bangladesh, Vassula experienced a vision of her Guardian Angel Daniel, and later, after a purification and spiritual growth, she was called by God to serve Him by transmitting His divine words to people all over the world. Vassula receives the inspirations in the form of locutions and through interior visions. God asked Vassula to call these prophetic messages "True Life in God". The messages are a call to all from the Holy Trinity. God asks for a greater repentance, reconciliation, peace, love and, above all, the Unity of the Churches.

Publication of 'True Life in God' began in 1990 and the work has been translated into many languages and given rise to a widespread readership.


Jackie said...

Hi David, I have read the messages and met Vassula when she came to calgary . I felt like a child standing next to their favorite hero/idol . lol

That picture is very colorful of her . I like her T-shirt too :)

David A. said...

Hello Jackie!

This was a surprise because I put this simple little blog up a couple of years ago and only added a few things this last week or two. You are the first person to comment!

Blogs do not seem to get indexed on Google until they get linked by somebody or I don't know what... And I don't think there are many TLIG bloggers out there unfortunately.

Yes, I can imagine how you felt standing next to Vassula. I always tell people that she has an almost tangible gentleness when encountering her in person.

Jackie said...

Oh ? then you will have to keep blogging now :D ...

I too started my blog in April 2008 but only picked it up again in september 2009 and I haven't stopped . I've been meeting all sorts of nice people and I forget how I found this blog .

sue53mn said...

Hi David,

Great site! (Same SueUSA as in forum) She is indeed a most unseemly prophet. I also love how God chose a lay person and a woman at that! It goes to show in both cases that God proceeds according to His ultimate Plan irregardless of position and/or status in life. I really love Vassula and her unwillingness to cave into despair, given all she's seen and heard and puts up with (I am sure greater than any one of us can fathom) and presses on no matter what. She continues to look remarkably well despite her many years. She is one I definitely want to "look up" on the Other Side. God Bless her and all associated with TLIG ...

David A. said...

Thanks for your comments, Sue.

And yes, Vassula continues to look unbelievably youthful for her age. I first met her thirteen years ago and I would say she looks younger now than she did then!

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